Jeanie, based on FriendOS, is launched

Jeanie is a new collaboration product that offers chat, video conferencing, files and office in one service.

By using FriendOS as a base platform, Jeanie was developed by our team in three months. It attests to the power of using Friend to build commercial grade cloud apps.

The next step in cloud computing

FriendOS is a high performance cloud operating system for managing a huge volume of users and storage in familiar desktop and mobile workflows.

The cloud is replacing desktop computing in a big way. We have moved the fruits of decades worth of computer innovations and merged them into an easy to deploy cloud computing platform with zero cloud service dependencies.

About FriendOS

Friend Software was founded in 2014, in Stavanger, Norway, to build a next generation operating system that could utilize the Internet as a computing platform. This resulted in a highly collaborative, high performing server with ultra fast user interfaces for working online.

FriendOS is Open Source, available under the MIT, LGPL and AGPL licenses. Please check out our Github page for more information:

FriendOS on Github



FriendOS, like any operating system, allows an administrator to manage an unlimited amount of users in a low cost cloud server. Each user can be part of many groups or sub-groups, where user access is managed at each level.


Connect an unlimited amount of storage space to each user, group or team. Each storage unit is handled as a device, with filesize limits and device driver specific functionality. Currently supported storage includes; SQL based filesystems, Google drive, Dropbox, native Linux folder devices and much more.

Chat and communication

FriendOS supports instant messaging, group chats and video conferencing between group members or individual users. Users can share files and media, and the chat service supports push notifications on iOS and Android.

Application distribution

With FriendOS, an administrator can set up applications and activate them for users using templates. Currently, FriendOS supports a wide range of applications, from office to chat and project management tools.

Applications in FriendOS can enable passwordless workflows where users are freed from the noise of multiple tabs and isolated apps that lack integration.


FriendOS supports several integrations with commonly deployed cloud technologies and services. Additionally, many parts of the platform have been modularized to support customization. As an example, the entire login subsystem supports Oauth and SAML from the get-go.


FriendOS comes with a complete set of development tools. A user can develop apps inside the environment itself, and administrators can deploy these apps system-wide.

With its strong feature base and REST APIs, FriendOS allows a developer to extend the user-experience with any feature or capability imaginable.

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