About us


Hogne Titlestad

Founder and CEO

Visionary programmer. Has developed numerous amazing projects and invented Friend OS.

About FriendOS

Friend OS is a modular, fully-customizable operating system. Friend OS leverages cutting edge web- and networking technologies to offer all the features of standard operating system, but differenciates itself from them  by being fully accessible in the cloud, with the UI hardware accellerated by your web browser, on any device. This gives you optimum performance, without the bandwidth constraints of streaming; while not compromizing on features and functionality you have come to rely on.


Hogne Titlestad invented Friend. Having spent much of his early career in development roles, he began working on what would become Friend OS in 2014.

His experience and talent has developed Friend into a platform that exceeds capabilities offered by much larger companies, ensuring Friend is years ahead of even the largest tech companies. Hogne is joined by colleagues that have expertise in development, project management and finance. 

Digital independence for everyone

The IT market is driven by the need for digitalization. Today these services are provided by multiple companies that each provide their part of the puzzle. This causes disconnects and inefficiencies in workflow and data management. Ultimately requiring companies to use numerous solutions with expensive integrations and middleware - trusting other parties with their data.

Friend is disrupting this market by providing a sandboxed solution on a scalable platform for delivering users apps and files in a single place, anywhere on any device.