Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem joins Friend – THE Internet OS

Friend is pleased to announce that Charlie Shrem, bitcoin pioneer, cryptocurrency evangelist and visionary entrepreneur will be joining the team as an advisor.
 The Friend Platform is a new digital ecosystem technology for distributing access to software, collaboration tools and services in the cloud – all accessible in a browser tab. It delivers a complete operating system experience capable of running on any device.

In a soon to be released interview on FriendChat Charlie said: "As soon as I got that, it was such a big deal for me that I had to be involved in this project, it really is such a huge deal. I'm really excited to be working with these guys and building the future. As soon as I log in, everything is encrypted and private... and there's no thumbprint that I was on that computer.

Only holders of Friend token (FRND) have access to these features and many more, including governance of the platform. Unlike any other operating system, Friend lets its users decide the future developments enabling greater transparency and delivering the features the users want.

Shrem continues:You're not only rewarding people for using the system, but also for participating and making it better, more decentralized and private - they're getting rewarded for doing that in tokens, and that's really amazing!"

Users can pledge resources to the network and earn up to 24x greater revenue compared to mining cryptocurrencies.

Friend’s Co-Founder and CEO, Arne Peder Blix said: We are very happy to have Charlie onboard as an Advisor. His unique insight and experience in this field will be very helpful and we look forward to working together in ensuring that the Friend decentralized operating system exists on - soon to be - millions of computers around the world