Blockchain and ICO explained

The activity around Blockchain-based technologies and ICOs (Initial Contribution Offering) is increasing fast, but still this is a rather new and unexplored territory in Norway. This seminar is intended to raise awareness and at the same time gather and mature a “cluster” / ecosystem in Norway related to blockchain technology.

EY and Friend Software Corporation invited key individuals and organisations with competence and experience in various fields related to blockchain and put
together this seminar aimed at share knowledge and discuss current and future opportunities and challenges related to the technology.

This interactive seminar is directed towards decision makers in companies considering ICO, service providers, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, investors and other
stakeholders interested in Blockchain technology

Discover the future of Blockchains, Cryptocurrency and Decentralised computing and what it all means within the rules and regulations within Norway, by watching the videos of the event below.

Part 1: Why bother with the Blockchain market?

Part 2: An Introduction to Blockchain

Part 3: Friend Software ICO based on Ethereum

Part 4: ICO regulations, challenges and best practises

Part 5: Smart contracts and ICOs: Novelty or déjà vu?

Part 6: ICO panel debate

Part 7: What is a Smart Contract?