Friend-Nexus is launched

Today, the Friend OS focused web forum Friend-Nexus is launched. This forum will be Friend’s hotspot for community related news, discussions and information. Additionally, it will be the premier site for developers, users and supporters of Friend to hang out and interact.

2020 is a big year for Friend Software Corporation. This year, we will expand our community efforts and reach out to new developers and users world wide.

Friend stands for Freedom, and as a company, we are on a mission to bring an excellent user experience online that respects your data.

Please sign up for a Friend-Nexus account today:

Friend Announces Tech Industry’s First-Ever Sky Computing Platform

Friend Announces Tech Industry’s First-Ever Sky Computing Platform

This forever changes the way clouds, computers, storage, and smart devices communicate, interact, and interface together.

Friend’s Sky Computing Platform can simultaneously be deployed on any or all public cloud providers worldwide and securely access the applications, and data repositories that reside on them. Customers can also implement Friend in their own private clouds or host Friend internally behind their corporate firewall.

Friend unifies ALL of these distributed deployments into a logical centralized workspace, in a fully decentralized manner, completely and transparently, while seamlessly exposing and providing access to ANY cloud, ANY application (Windows, Linux, Mac, Legacy, and Cloud), ANY storage, and ANY smart device, all while ensuring complete security, privacy, and protection.

Friend’s Sky Computing Platform intelligently communicates in real-time with other instances of itself, even though these instances may physically reside on different cloud vendors, host providers, or internally at corporate client locations, anywhere in the world.

“Sky Computing is the Next Disruption in the Tech Industry,” says Arne Peder Blix, CEO and Co-Founder of Friend. “The power, features, and capabilities transcend today’s cloud paradigms and ushers in a new era of computing.”

Friend is completely platform agnostic and runs on ANY device with a modern browser, including computers, smartphones, tablets, popular gaming systems, smart TV’s, and more.

Friend’s Sky Computing Platform leverages Internet and blockchain technologies to offer secure and private Sky-Based computers anytime, anywhere, no matter what the underlying hardware, software, and environment that are being used.

Friend provides a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for business. This approach, compared to today’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, takes a dramatically different and holistic approach, that factors in backend systems and inter-application operability as well.

With a unique Operating System (OS) approach, Friend provides a powerful middleware layer that can function as anything from a Messaging Platform, a Workflow Engine, and or an Enterprise Bus.

The flexibility and options are endless with Friend’s Sky Computing Platform. Companies can adapt and implement Friend in an array of different configurations to meet their unique business needs and requirements.

A full office suite, powerful communications tools, and a user community environment are available within the Friend Workspace.

There are many Clouds in the Sky. Unify them with Friend.

Friend UPdate # 14

It's been a busy few weeks for the team at Friend, after a trip to Davos for the 2019 World Economic Forum last month, we are very proud to have been awarded a Red Herring Europe Top 100 Europe award! This award goes to those who are positioned to grow at an explosive rate.

Plus, we have some exciting development news to share as work continues at full speed on Friend V1.2.

Development Update  — Hogne Titlestad

We are racing towards our v1.2 Final and first Long Time Support (LTS) release of Friend. This will be the first production version of the Friend OS which customers can run reliably for years into the future. But before this, we are still closing the last few bugs on Release Candidate 2, which is available on Github. RC2 is slated for release in about a week. After this, we will seek input from our testers, friends and family to do the last usability fixes.

Speaking of Github, we are seeing increased activity - and submissions from our open source team. We are soon passing 20 team members, and are receiving contributions that span low level code to usability features. The growth of our open source team will help strengthen our project, and will increase the activity surrounding Friend all over the world.

A lot of work has gone into improving the mobile applications. Working across Android and iOS versions has been difficult, but we are pushing forward. At the moment, the iOS and Android apps are pretty much on par, with the only difference being iOS’s lack of proper WebRTC, which hinders us from using the audio and video chat features in Friend Chat for iPhones and iPads when using the apps. But all in all, we believe that Friend on mobile is becoming very user friendly, and we expect to be able to please normal users in the weeks and months ahead. Users can now conveniently upload and download from their Friend disks using the apps, and they can use all of our key applications.

Apart from fixing various bugs and completing unfinished features, Friend is starting to work beautifully. I’m very proud of what our team has achieved, and I expect a lot of users will find a lot of value in our platform.

Going forward, most of our work will be related to usability and packaging. The research part of the 1.2 version branch is over. Now it’s all about tuning the user interface to make it fluid and effective for our users. We are also adding help bubbles to users who are logging into Friend for the first time, helping them find menus and important functionality.

For our customers, we are adding important white-labelling functionality, allowing administrators to customize the Friend workspace; including editing End User License Agreements, artwork and theming.

I would like to this opportunity to ask you all to take part in our testing programme; we will select up to sixty users who can participate in the first stage of testing - a number of people we can manage in terms of processing their feedback. Please send an email to with the subject: “Want to join Friend test”, and include either your Apple ID (for iOS users) or your Google registered email address (for Android users).


As mentioned in the technical update, our open source project is getting new talent. Craig Lindholm joined as a developer, and is adding his own Friend applications to our repository. This event is underlining the benefits of running the Friend project as an open source effort; which will give us traction faster, and supplement our software catalog with amazing apps and games from the community.

We have now started forming a Friend Consortium model. This model will encompass both partners as well as strategic collaborations. The Friend Consortiums will be established in different regions, starting with the West Coast of Norway. The consortiums will help us create community events, and will spur stronger participation from our community as it grows.


We're pleased to share this interview with our CEO Arne with Thrive Global for their “Big Ideas That Might Change The World In The Next Few Years” series.

We appeared on CNBC recently to discuss why we need an alternative to the 'big tech' companies. Watch a clip here.

"Our goals and those of AI need to be aligned." Watch our CEO Arne Blix on a panel at Davos discussing how design principles can humanize AI and the need to build ethics into technology.

We have been writing about data, Facebook, and the commodification of users for City AM, read it here

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Friend Network ICO will relaunch in 2019

Friend Network ICO update

We are closing in on the deadline date for closing our ongoing Initial Contribution Offering process.

As may be obvious to most onlookers, currently the crypto markets are challenging, and ICOs are having a hard time reaching their funding goals. The Friend Network ICO is experiencing the same turmoil. Although we may not have embarked upon the most elaborate and expensive marketing campaign compared to some, we consider our effort strong and focused. With the current and prevailing market situation, people have understandably been hesitant to support our project in full, like so many other projects.

But Friend has been able to accelerate based on an equity seed round we carried out in Friend Software Corp in June. This fuels the conventional part of the project and has enabled us to continue without our development team losing its momentum.

We are working hard on delivering our promise both in our commercial as well as open source projects. We are increasingly gaining customers who will use Friend to break free from the shackles of Big Tech.

We have been doing amazing work with our partners on positioning the company to expand internationally. This is important work to ensure we can “defend” our open source strategy and ensure that our main goal, to deliver an Autonomous, Decentralized Friend Network as described in the Whitepaper, is successful.

Our next steps

We will peg the FRND token to a USD value of $0.006 and recalculate all investments done since the start of our PreSale in January 2018, based on the USD exchange rate at time of investment.

We will spend some time revising the Whitepaper and adjust the roadmap and ambition level accordingly. It will be the same Mission, Vision and aims, but in a more stripped down version.

– We still believe we shall be able to achieve the mission and vision.

We believe we will be able to achieve most of our goals, but will use best judgement and reduce and/or reallocate some of the budget items such as Air Drop for best possible effect for the project.

As soon as this work is done, we will notify all and update the Whitepaper accordingly.

The current public sale Smart Contract will stop as planned on 21 December, the contract will allow contributors that have sent ETH to this contract to reclaim their ETH shortly after. We will create a new smart contract with new Soft- and Hard Cap as well as the pegging to USD implemented.

Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem joins Friend – THE Internet OS

Friend is pleased to announce that Charlie Shrem, bitcoin pioneer, cryptocurrency evangelist and visionary entrepreneur will be joining the team as an advisor.
 The Friend Platform is a new digital ecosystem technology for distributing access to software, collaboration tools and services in the cloud – all accessible in a browser tab. It delivers a complete operating system experience capable of running on any device.

In a soon to be released interview on FriendChat Charlie said: "As soon as I got that, it was such a big deal for me that I had to be involved in this project, it really is such a huge deal. I'm really excited to be working with these guys and building the future. As soon as I log in, everything is encrypted and private... and there's no thumbprint that I was on that computer.

Only holders of Friend token (FRND) have access to these features and many more, including governance of the platform. Unlike any other operating system, Friend lets its users decide the future developments enabling greater transparency and delivering the features the users want.

Shrem continues:You're not only rewarding people for using the system, but also for participating and making it better, more decentralized and private - they're getting rewarded for doing that in tokens, and that's really amazing!"

Users can pledge resources to the network and earn up to 24x greater revenue compared to mining cryptocurrencies.

Friend’s Co-Founder and CEO, Arne Peder Blix said: We are very happy to have Charlie onboard as an Advisor. His unique insight and experience in this field will be very helpful and we look forward to working together in ensuring that the Friend decentralized operating system exists on - soon to be - millions of computers around the world

Friend UPdate # 13

It's been a busy couple of weeks for the Friend team, as work continues on RC2 of Friend V1.2, new feature developments and a very fruitful trip to Miami to focus our B2B message even further.

Please share our latest explainer video with anybody who may be interested in our technology, token or taking a look at our ICO.

WATCH: Friend - The Internet OS

Development Update  — Hogne Titlestad

Time hasn’t stood still in the development team. Even though we’re still not ready to release RC2 of Friend v1.2, lots of tasks have been completed, and important end-user features have been implemented. As we have entered commercial operation, users are in need of specific functionalities that have been missing in RC1. And, as we are rolling out Friend Platform projects to customers, we are adding those in. Some of these are worth mentioning here:

  • Workflow engine for enforcing business workflows
  • Friend VR Workspace and multitasking VR applications
  • Email application
  • FriendOffice, fully integrated with collaboration features
  • Calendar application
  • Master channels in Friend Chat, allowing activity aggregation and moderation of various conference rooms, including role based permissions for users.

These features will give users of the Friend Platform a full replacement of Google Docs and much more. I’m sure our users will love these features.

On top of what we are doing in the feature department, we are now implementing a change of how we manage the open source project. With our new contributors’ agreement, we are moving our day to day development activities to Github. This will give us more public visibility, as well as a streamlined development effort where we can interact directly with third party developers who are interested in helping us out. At the moment, the Github source repository has seen periodic deposits of new code - which has belied the ultra-hot commit activity on our private development server. This is now changing. Following in the tracks of projects like QT and others, we are now following a strategy we know have worked for others - with the goal of strongly increasing our development team.


Friend founder and chief architect Hogne Titlestad shows us some of his recent trip to Miami to help plan Friend's future, watch some of the trip's highlights here:

We have some fascinating new articles to help you understand our technology and vision even more.

What benefits does Friend offer? Read this great article from ZyCrypto

How Friend is revolutionising modern IT departments

Find out what makes Friend such a unique platform and why it is needed more than ever in this new article from Neironix

Why YOU need to go Decentralized - great read!

What are the large benefits of virtual computers? Friend's CTO, Thomas Wollburg explains.

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Friend UPdate # 12

Message from the CEO — Arne Peder Blix

Dear all,

It is with a proud heart I am writing this update to you today. We continue to work hard, and rather than letting us become downhearted by the tough market, we are thriving and speeding up!

As some of you know, we have been building a centralized commercial version of Friend since 2014, to sell the software in Enterprise license B2B and now soon also B2C and B2D (developers). A total of 4.5M USD has been invested into the company since its inception by investors and partners who have dared to believe that it is possible to do What We Are Doing.

As our ICO got slowed down during 1st half of 2018, we prepared and closed our 6th financing round of 1.25M USD (included in the total above) in record time in June 2018. This seed-round is what has made it possible for us to continue at full speed whilst trimming our ICO and refining our messaging. We are continuing as planned building and refining Friend for Enterprise licensing. Every day, the risk is diminishing as Friend is firming up its tech, messaging, marketing and conventional commercial performance. All this is happening based thanks to our equity investors and our loyal and bold PreSale ICO contributors/investors. We remain grateful to you for your loyalty, patience and trust in us.

The Friend Network ICO, as described in our Whitepaper, is in layman terms “the exercise of taking the Enterprise version of Friend and spawn an autonomous version of all of this wonderful and groundbreaking software” in order to make it available to the World on a massive scale. In doing so, we add the Friend Network (decentralize) and use the FRND Token and the Ethereum Blockchain with a clever Token utility to help ensure a safe transition of “power” and governance from a centralized model to a true decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) -which is also described in the Whitepaper.

Over the coming weeks, we will reveal a lot more of our plans, how the FRND Token will allow for shared resources, power-sharing and sharing of other resources.

We are doing what Hogne and I agreed to do back in 2014, and we are now getting closer and closer to realizing our first goals (we have many more…).

As you can read below, our tech team is making phenomenal progress. And as you read it, please remember that the more we are able to finalize before the ICO is complete, the more software will be ready to accelerate the Friend Network and the Friend Store marketplace.  The commercial entity will, as soon as the ICO gets to Soft Cap, be able to sell IP to the ICO entity and it can start preparing the decentralized Friend Network and Friend Store as per our Roadmap and Whitepaper. We are working according to our mantra: Mind, Matter and Manifestation. We look forward to the successful completion of our ICO, so we can get put more of the super competent staff we queuing up hired.

To add to this, many of our devoted followers, supporters and fans are chipping in with pro-bono work, paying it forward and trusting us to remember.

Even some of our suppliers have offered to help by voluntary reducing their fees to help us succeed! (THANK YOU! WE WILL REMEMBER YOUR KIND TOKENS (!) OF SUPPORT).

So, to sum up. We remain confident. We are delivering and will continue to do so. We have been taking risk for a long time and we are fully committed to seeing this work through.

Our marketing efforts over the last couple of weeks is starting to bear fruit. From this, we are now entertaining dialogue with several larger investors who are starting to see the real potential of Friend. With our upcoming news next week, this could have a substantial impact on our ICO progress…

Friend Crowdfunding FAQ

Developer update from Hogne Titlestad

We are moving ever closer to releasing Friend 1.2 Release Candidate 2. A lot of work has gone into improving websocket handling for Friend Network, making it work faster between more users. To achieve better results, we have developed a network testing stack in Python that simulates user accounts. And the benchmarks have been very impressive in normal operation, but less impressive on Friend Network itself. This has mostly been due to quick prototyping work, and the code is now being hardened and improved to give users a great experience.

Friend 1.2rc1

Our commercial activity is picking up — and this has lead to new features and fixes being added to our RC2 sprint. We now have several customer nodes running, connected through the Friend Community network, and sharing Friend Cloud disks through our RemoteFS file system driver. To improve the usability of our file manager, we have added support for folders with thousands of files, drag & drop and file selections for mobile and touch devices.

Friend Core has also seen great development progress, with a new notification stack which will support our native apps for iOS and Android. This stack is also being used for Friend Chat.

Speaking of Friend Chat, progress is being made on the new UX redesign. We are improving the live chat; how you add participants, guest GUI and positioning of avatars in all text messaging windows. We are also improving how we handle workgroups, allowing third party applications to interact with them to make them much more powerful in collaboration scenarios.

Finally, our apps iOS and Android are being improved, with better robustness in handling various user logins from as well as customer servers. Our first white-label set of apps will be available for a customer in the app stores, which will sport customized GUI and login screens.


Win $5000 of Friend tokens! 

Click here to enter the competition.


We have some really interesting new articles to help you understand our technology and vision even more.

Friend — The Internet OS by Invest in Blockchain

Friend — Placing the Power in YOUR hands by Null TX

Examining Friend’s Ecosystem and Primary Components from BTCWires.

Friend — Digital Freedom for the Masses by Yahoo Finance.

Friend — Placing Data Power in the Hands of Users from NullTX

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Friend UPdate #11

Message from the CEO — Arne Peder Blix

Autumn is upon us and people are back to work. The team at Friend and all of our contributors, investors, followers, fans and friends have some very exciting months ahead of us.

Read More

Weekly Friend UPdate #5 – Week ending 20th April

Message from the CEO - Arne Peder Blix

Wow… hectic days in this market turbulence. We are making the adjustments necessary and weathering the storm.  We announced the postponement of our TGE as well as our intention to make some amendments to manage risk. We will utilize this slow-down to prepare, discuss more on token design, governance of the smart contract, discussing better marketing strategies, refining the message, reading up on new and interesting whitepapers.  

We participated at two very interesting events with the Norwegian governmental infrastructure companies and  - great enthusiasm about how Friend can help out. Very impressive how far they have matured in their thinking. We look forward to cooperate with them!  Also, we participated at the Oslo Cancer Cluster - presenting our MedTech case with Hove Medical, where we have done sw and hw integration with electronic patient journal and iot -discussing how this could utilise blockchain.  

On Saturday 14th of April, we participated and presented at the  A very well organised event with a lot of keen participants. We received great feedback and met a lot of very kind and interesting people with whom we are sure to work. In general, evangelising about the project, meeting with contributors and investors… Not a dull moment.

Developer update from Hogne

What a week! We are close to another release (v1.2 or v1.1.2, depending on our decision making). This is going to be a great update. And FriendUP is almost ready to take into a new phase. This will allow us to offer our users a beta account on our planned global Cloud Service.

As we have mentioned previously, FriendUP + Friend Core is comparable to Chrome OS + Google Cloud - and in the future, we will be able to offer “Friend Books” to customers. But before that, we will offer users an ad backed but free cloud service (with paid for ad free modes and items like extra storage and Windows applications) - to run in their browser. The demo server - as we now call it - will transition to becoming a permanent service with a free sign-up.

In the meantime, we need to complete some other elements in our todo list. But this week, we made some huge milestones:

  • Photopea is now fully integrated in Friend - allowing users to work on Photoshop documents as well as photos and load/save them on their Friend Disk. Drag & drop is also supported in the Friend Workspace
  • Friend Network now has disk sharing (peer-to-peer), and remote access
  • Our WideWeb web browser can access websites published in the Friend Network
  • The Friend Marketplace has gotten a huge facelift - and it now has detailed information and screenshots on display for users
  • Friend Chat got a streaming mode - allowing users to stream live sessions
  • Friend Chat now has got multiple, concurrent live sessions - meaning that you can have many live sessions going on at the same time (great addition to streaming)
  • We fixed several bugs and added many tweaks in the Friend Workspace. For example, our menus are easier to use, and our Friend Shell is more robust.

Technically we also completed our DOS drivers for Bikerstreet - a POC for cross integration technology based on Friend. This means that Bikerstreet now has live synchronization between their old (legacy) product database and their new WordPress based webshop.

By next week, we plan to launch our new FriendSky version - possibly under a new (more commercial) name. See you next week!


Other parts of our Social Media reach are growing daily, we have now:

Twitter: 3,849 Followers

LinkedIn: 374 Followers

Facebook: 1,020 Followers / 3,319 Members

Youtube: 422,464 Views

Steemit: 106 Followers

Reddit: 68 Subscribers

Bitcointalk thread: Read 7015 times

Please continue to spread the word with your social media contacts and friends to get help us reach more people with our revolutionary project.


As per our statistics we are overbooked. All you need is to now convert your pledged amount into the contribution by sending your ETH.

If you want to help out, please send your contributions now. The stronger we are as a community-funded project, the better terms we get vs. the professional capital which we also need to have onboard.

That is why your help and contribution is Important. The minimum contribution is set to only 0.1 ETH. Get the ball rolling and receive your 20% bonus now! Let's make the world more Friendly:

Special discount for Friend community members at Oslo Blockchain Day - April 24th.

We have partnered with Oslo Blockchain Day happening on April 24th at the rustic, urban DOGA Arena in the center of Oslo!

We are happy to be able to offer you a participant discount of 60% if you use the code FRIEND while registering here:


Thanks to Crypto Coin World who posted this nice ICO Review of Friend.

Friend Unifying Platform - Unifying Blockchains and projects in a desktop environment accessible from any device by Cryptovest.

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Friend Live Webinar – Friday 6th April

Friend founders Hogne Titlestad and Arne Peder Blix will be hosting a live webinar on Friday 6th of April 2018 at 14:00 CET / 13:00 UTC on Youtube.

They will be giving you the chance to ask anything about the Friend Unifying Platform, our upcoming ICO, our technology or anything else you wish to ask.

Find your local time zone here. 

WATCH: You can watch the stream when it goes live below.


You can ask questions during the live stream, or submit them in advance on this form: