Friend Solutions

Innovative cloud solutions

Friend gives you a cloud environment like Azure, Google Cloud or AWS. When you log in, it delivers an operating system as a service (OSaaS) - comparable in appearance to Chrome OS or Android - to your web browser or smart phone client.

By being built using web technologies, the user interface runs circles around any Remote Desktop solution available on the market.

Friend Core runs on Linux compatible servers in the cloud. It is accessible to users using a web browser or through our Android or iOS apps.

The Friend Unifying Platform is based on a powerful next generation OS kernel, the Friend Core. It has been engineered to deliver a powerful cloud infrastructure for distributing access to online services and apps.

The Friend Workspace is the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution where you can distribute access to applications, customize your cloud service and administrate your users. The Workspace is easily accessible in a browser tab.


Friend comes complete with a chat and video conferencing application. It is built to provide you with great flexibility:

  • E-mail and SMS invites
  • WebRTC based peer-to-peer operation using encryption
  • Chat rooms and private chats
  • Video conferences with multiple users
  • Audio only
  • Platform agnostic (Linux, Windows, Mac, Android)

Cloud storage

Friend gives you access to your cloud storage. It allows you to choose from different disk drivers:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • InterPlanetary File System
  • Secure FTP / SSH
  • Samba (Windows shared drives)
  • and many others


Use a single sign-on for all of your cloud services. Access your cloud from any web enabled device.

  • Client-side encrypted username and password
  • Two factor
  • Active directory integration
  • Build new authentication modules


Deliver your applications using a powerful, integrated distribution technology:

  • User authenticated web applications
  • Windows applications
  • Web sites and portals
  • Ðapps


The Friend Workspace is a fully featured user environment for both desktops and mobile. It sports all of the functionality you'd expect:

  • Window management
  • Pulldown menus
  • Easy to use file manager
  • Application launcher
  • Access to your cloud disks


In Friend, you can design complete cloud templates for new users. This allows you to rapidly distribute access by duplicating a template for a user:

  • Define available applications
  • Access to disks
  • Look and feel (Mac, Windows, Friend)
  • Workgroups
  • Access levels (administrators, normal users)
  • and much more


Friend has a lot of great integration technologies that allow you to tie your solutions and applications together.

  • Client-side integration using JavaScript
  • Server-side integration using Modules and Libraries
  • Disk based integration using DOS drivers
  • Persistent integrations using services
  • Abstractions for both Windows and Linux
  • High-level integrations using the Workspace class-set

Developer tools

As an operating system, Friend provides developers with really powerful tools. With hundreds of pages worth of documentation, you will discover that you can build any integration, service or solution using our:

  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Friend DOS shell (CLI)
  • SSH client
  • Windows desktop remote access
  • Wide array of classes for I/O, GUI and multiple helper-functions
  • REST API for the Friend server