Zero deployment cost

Zero deployment cost

Friend gives users access to a virtual cloud computer that is ready for use right after logging in. It is a multitasking environment where organisations can create custom configurations for their different user groups and make onboarding fast and hassle-free.

All aspects of the virtual Friend Cloud Computer can be modified:

  • default applications,
  • themes (Windows, iOS, Friend, Linux, other), and
  • storage access control (both user- and group specific as well as personal and shared drives).

Different sets of settings and links to resources can be stored as Templates. This way, your users will be able to focus on their tasks instead of losing time on setting up their personal accounts.

The same applications accessible on all devices

Access any application on any device

While Friend applications are most powerful when being developed natively for the platform we have also made sure that legacy applications can be accessed and used across devices and locations. We use a web optimised framework for optimal user experience and responsivity on slower connections.

Access to legacy applications