Friend Software Corporation is actively looking for investors to enable us to grow and expand our network.

Why invest

A real workspace

Simplify and increase the usefulness of your Cloud Office. FriendUP brings multitasking and order to the many inconsistent single tasking applications.

Cheaper integration and IoT

Decrease the cost of integrating and making use of IoT / Smart devices. Use a server that is built for delivering services to embedded systems. Enable GUIs everywhere.

Access everywhere

Access a universal GUI in 2D as well as in 3D (including VR). Friend Workspace is not only responsive, but has strategically been developed to fit an evolving UI paradigm.

Reduction of application lifecycle costs

Extend the lifetime of existing applications through flexible mechanisms and by making them accessible across locations and devices.

No more data silos

Break down the boundaries between the platform and information silos on the internet.

Friend Software Corporation (FSC) positions itself to become one of the leaders in cloud software with a Liquid Meta Operating System, the Friend Unifying Platform (FriendUP). By delivering a platform for deploying and making use of networked resources for all major operating systems, Internet based protocols and server technologies, we will fast become a major player for developers and users and a vast percentage of the computers connected to the Internet.

FriendUP manages the flow of data and delivers functional user interfaces to a large, international market. Our first products allow for the development of cross platform software that can connect to a vast array of cloud services, personal devices and shared network resources. These products will allow businesses to connect IoT devices with cutting edge security algorithms.

We are looking for investors to help bring this technology to the world.