Friend Network

Friend Network
A decentralized supercomputing network which lets you share resources and form workgroups. Owned and governed by holders of the FRND Token

The Friend Network and the FRND token

The power of the Friend OS lets us offer unique products and solutions to businesses and consumers throughout the world; yet, there’s another aspect to the Friend business that you should know about. In fact, you can be a part of it.

Introducing the Friend Network, a decentralized and distributed supercomputing network owned and governed by its users, powered by blockchain technologies. Users of the network will direct how the Friend OS will be developed, by voting for and commissioning new features to incorporate into the platform.

This decentralized network, owned and operated by its users, will be the first of its kind in the world.

For more information on the Friend Network, download and read the FRND Initial Friend Offering Whitepaper.

The FRND Network Token

Enabling this unique network requires a unique ownership model, one that ensures the infrastructure will become self-governing without the need for a centralized corporation exercising command-and-control prerogatives.

Introducing the FRND Token, an ERC 20 compatible (Ethereum) utility that will power the Friend Network. There are several ways to obtain FRND tokens including:

Direct purchases

  • Participate in the Initial Friend Offering;
  • Direct purchases through smart contract;
  • Bulk purchases via Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT); and
  • Purchase through various OTC exchanges

Earn tokens

Users can earn tokens by sharing resources, such as:

  • Operate a network node;
  • Share CPU power;
  • Share storage; and
  • Share bandwidth
General schematic of the FRND Token


FRND token holders will influence the development of the Friend Network. While all token holders can propose changes and vote on their priority, those with more “weight” will have additional influence.

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