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The platform for your next killer app

The Friend Unifying Platform is THE next generation Internet operating system. Create web applications that will work everywhere, on any device. Take advantage of cross-device networking. Collaboration features. Cloud storage. Encryption. All in one platform.

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An operating system for web applications

Most applications today are web apps. As such they have unique capabilities but also unique challenges. Friend provides you as a web app developer with the powerful features of an operating system: window management, file systems, user management and a comprehensive security model.

Our Workspace allows applications to interact with each other through a secure client side API interface, this way communication with the server and bandwidth usage is reduced to a minimum while usability and responsiveness are at a max.

The Friend Server

Friend Core is the heard of the Friend Platform. It is a cross platform server which is written in C to be fast, while consuming as little resources as possible.

Friend Workspace

The Friend Platform sports a fully featured desktop environment that can be run in mobile and touch mode as well as on traditional PCs with a mouse and keyboard.

Friend Network

By utilizing WebRTC, Friend offers a p2p network between Friend clients. It allows you to share apps, files, directories and disks - with powerful features like network processing and collaboration functionality.

Cloud Storage

The Friend Platform supports a range of cloud storage drivers, including a programmable SQL based disk driver. These file systems can be used by applications or for regular storage.

Network events

Connect users with asynchronous shared sessions. Share events between connected users and accelerate the development of collaboration functionality.


Subscribe to file change events to react instantly to file changes on the server. Alert the user through notification messages or interactive panels.


Friend comes complete with a powerful localization system. Let your users chose which language to use in your application.

Serverless development

The Friend Platform provides you with access to databases, user accounts, file systems and media management so that you can concentrate on building that app. Write entire applications without one line of server code. JavaScript is all you need.