Discover the Friend Unifying Platform

Friend is the operating environment for the internet and beyond. This section provides in depth information on both the technology and its areas of application. If you feel anything is missing feel free to get in touch with us.

Empowering developers

We provide developers with a feature rich platform and easy deployment


We have a comprehensive development run ahead

Core apps

Friend comes with a set of core applications for functionality and customisation

A fantastic platform for developers

If you are a developer, Friend offers you amazing new technologies and a built-in development environment. You can now work online, and you can share your creations with others instantly. Friend comes with many JavaScript APIs that allow you to develop powerful new apps that behave like native applications. Make use of file requestors. Read and write to files using Friend’s built-in DOS drivers. You will quickly forget that you are using a web based environment.

Zero deployment cost

Deploy virtual computers to heterogenous user groups

Why you should develop for Friend

We want to provide everybody with a digital home

Simple global deployment

We let organisation deploy virtual cloud computers in a breeze

Interconnectivity is key. Enter the Friend Network

When your computer is a “cloud machine”, it means that it is ready to connect to people and digital resources all over the internet. The Friend Network is a subnet that connects to other Friend Cloud Computers. It allows you to browse web pages, launch other user’s apps, login into terminal services, chat using voice and video and much more.

The Friend Network is a service grid. Each person who logs in can host their own services, either publicly or directly between selected users. Additionally, it can connect different client computers together. This way, your smart phone, tablet and PC can work together, sharing computing power or making use of each other’s devices.

Development in Friend is made easy with our IDE

Welcome to your personal Friend Cloud Computer

When you log into your Friend account, you are transported into a fully featured desktop. Here, you can access all your cloud resources, launch apps and communicate with your friends. It is called the Friend Workspace, and it is designed to keep you productive and efficient. You will soon forget that this environment is running in your browser tab.

The Workspace was created to allow you to work in a similar environment to the one you are using on your computer. But instead of launching the apps you have installed locally, Friend lets you access apps that live on the web. These web apps can now multitask in the same desktop, integrating with your cloud storage space and taking advantage of the many features that Friend offers.

The Friend Workspace in version 1.2 RC1

There’s no limit to what you can do!

As an operating environment, Friend can be used for anything you like. Chat with Friends using the built-in protocol Presence. Access IRC or Slack channels. Build your own communities using Treeroot. Share files and collaborate in teams. Play games and watch movies or your family photos stored in your cloud drives. As time goes, you will see how convenient it is to have everything available wherever you go. Even if you are using a friend’s computer while away from home.