The Friend Workspace

The Friend Workspace

The Friend Workspace has most of the functionality you'd come to expect from a modern desktop environment, even on phones.

Window manager

The HTML5 based Window Manager in the Friend Workspace supports stacking, grid snapping, widgets (below, above) and a global menu system. It is totally themable using standard CSS.

File manager and Desktop

The Friend Workspace comes complete with a file manager and bookmark driven file dialogs for applications. You can change wallpaper and change the appearance of the desktop – like the position and style of the application launcher and dock.

Multiple sessions

Friend allows you to log into Friend with multiple devices or browser tabs. Each login instance has its own user session. Sessions can even interact with each other.

The Friend Workspace - the modern way to access web applications.

System drive

Each user has access to an own System: disk which contains virtual read-only directories which represent their system and user account; available software, repositories, settings and virtual executables to control and script their system.


The Friend Workspace comes complete with system settings applications for everything from theming and look-and-feel to administration utilities for admin users.

Comprehensive collaboration features

The Workspace allows applications to interact with other applications, both within one workspace, with other sessions of one user and also with other users applications, using peer to peer networking for secure and direct communication.