Why you should develop for Friend

Why you should develop for Friend

Do I need to learn a new langauge?

Friend uses JavaScript as the main programming langauge for applications. JavaScript is the programming language of the web, and is built for rapid application development and networked computing. Friend employs a set of standardized APIs which can be accessed both with and without using its various frameworks. This allows you to continue using the tool-chain that you love, while having access to the great new features of the Friend Platform.

Why should I develop my web app for Friend?

Friend provides you with a couple of unique features: window management, file systems, user management, a comprehensive security model and the possiblity to offer API interfaces in your applications to let other apps interact with it.

Friend also uses Websockets and WebRTC to enable applications that have never been possible before.

Marketplace for your app

The Friend marketplace will be for web applications what Play Store and AppStore are for platform native apps. Easily reach a global audience with flexible revenue models available to let you target your users easily and precisely.