Develop for Friend OS

Friend OS is cross platform and device agnostic - and sports a growing, worldwide distribution network. Use our unique features and save on infrastructure costs by submitting your app to the soon to be released Friend Store.

Open source contributors

Friend OS is open source - the source code is available on Github.  Like any open source project, we are always looking for contributors who can help improve the platform.

The project appreciates community participation in these areas:

  • Friend Core development (C, PHP, Node.JS)
  • Friend Workspace (JavaScript)
  • Third party app integrations (like, Photopea)
  • White Hat services
  • Documentation authors
  • Artists
  • Evangelists


Downloadable material

Download the Friend programmers manual to get a more in-depth understanding of the Friend operating system, its APIs and conventions.

The Friend White Paper is our commitment to building an expansive network underpinned by Blockchain technology, the Friend Network.

Contributor agreement

If you feel up to the task and want to sign up as a developer, please sign our contributor agreement here.


Documentation center

Visit our documentation center Alpha over at: