Friend UPdate #11

Message from the CEO — Arne Peder Blix

Autumn is upon us and people are back to work. The team at Friend and all of our contributors, investors, followers, fans and friends have some very exciting months ahead of us.

We are looking forward to what surely will be a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun along the way to reaching our goal — a successful ICO! We hope and trust you will help us in achieving this.

The team is in high spirits and we have been able to do a lot of work during the summer, financed by the last Seed round. We are on target for our Roadmap, all thanks to some of our devs being true magicians.

We have now started our marketing campaign and you will be seeing and hearing more about Friend in the weeks and months to come. Please help us by “liking” and “sharing” what we post. We need to get the word out about our fantastic technology, Mission and Vision.

Today we also released our new website.

Please explore our new web-pages and feel free to comment directly to us in our Telegram group.

Help us improve by giving us your feedback.

Speaking of which, our competition for the the best slogan and description of Friend has yielded some good material, but we are Not Quite There Yet. You have to try HARDER in order to win the $ 5000 in FRND tokens!

We have therefore decided to prolong the deadline of our competition to Friday 14th of September.

We just need 5 minutes of your time:

We want to continue to improve and take Friend as far as it can go. Feel free to reach out to us with your comments and suggestions by giving us your feedback.

We remain humble to the tasks ahead and the project as a whole. With the growing global frustration related to big corporates feasting on the users’ data, our Mission has never been as timely and as important as it is today.

To achieve our goals, we need your support. Please participate in our ICO. Make sure you get your 15% bonus by participating now. All investments and contributions are warmly welcomed. You can participate in our ICO here

Thank you for your support and trust in us.

On behalf of the entire Friend team


Developer update from Hogne Titlestad

In the last couple of weeks we have been busy defining the target for FriendUP v1.2 Release Candidate 2. This version will focus on improving the user experience of new users when they log into Friend for the first time. We are working on features and functionality related to setting up your Workspace for common workflows; like collaboration, cloud storage, application access and entertainment.

We have added some last minute fixes for Release Candidate 1, which handles massive WebSocket activity. We simulated 2500 users and Friend Core handles this activity with an impressive robustness. Watch this space as we are going to write an article, benchmarking Friend Core on several key areas of operation.

The tech team is working on several customer projects which will lead to benefits for all users. Real world use cases unlocks hidden potentials and unveils potential problems. This is good! Friend keeps getting better, and we believe that Friend version 1.2 will be a powerful release which can be deployed in companies and organizations throughout the world.


We will be at Websummit in Lisbon early November, come along and meet the Friend team there.


We have some fascinating new articles to help you understand our technology and vision even more.

Examining Friend’s Ecosystem and Primary Components from BTCWires.

Friend — Digital Freedom for the Masses by Yahoo Finance.

Friend — Placing Data Power in the Hands of Users from NullTX

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