Friend UPdate # 12

Message from the CEO — Arne Peder Blix

Dear all,

It is with a proud heart I am writing this update to you today. We continue to work hard, and rather than letting us become downhearted by the tough market, we are thriving and speeding up!

As some of you know, we have been building a centralized commercial version of Friend since 2014, to sell the software in Enterprise license B2B and now soon also B2C and B2D (developers). A total of 4.5M USD has been invested into the company since its inception by investors and partners who have dared to believe that it is possible to do What We Are Doing.

As our ICO got slowed down during 1st half of 2018, we prepared and closed our 6th financing round of 1.25M USD (included in the total above) in record time in June 2018. This seed-round is what has made it possible for us to continue at full speed whilst trimming our ICO and refining our messaging. We are continuing as planned building and refining Friend for Enterprise licensing. Every day, the risk is diminishing as Friend is firming up its tech, messaging, marketing and conventional commercial performance. All this is happening based thanks to our equity investors and our loyal and bold PreSale ICO contributors/investors. We remain grateful to you for your loyalty, patience and trust in us.

The Friend Network ICO, as described in our Whitepaper, is in layman terms “the exercise of taking the Enterprise version of Friend and spawn an autonomous version of all of this wonderful and groundbreaking software” in order to make it available to the World on a massive scale. In doing so, we add the Friend Network (decentralize) and use the FRND Token and the Ethereum Blockchain with a clever Token utility to help ensure a safe transition of “power” and governance from a centralized model to a true decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) -which is also described in the Whitepaper.

Over the coming weeks, we will reveal a lot more of our plans, how the FRND Token will allow for shared resources, power-sharing and sharing of other resources.

We are doing what Hogne and I agreed to do back in 2014, and we are now getting closer and closer to realizing our first goals (we have many more…).

As you can read below, our tech team is making phenomenal progress. And as you read it, please remember that the more we are able to finalize before the ICO is complete, the more software will be ready to accelerate the Friend Network and the Friend Store marketplace.  The commercial entity will, as soon as the ICO gets to Soft Cap, be able to sell IP to the ICO entity and it can start preparing the decentralized Friend Network and Friend Store as per our Roadmap and Whitepaper. We are working according to our mantra: Mind, Matter and Manifestation. We look forward to the successful completion of our ICO, so we can get put more of the super competent staff we queuing up hired.

To add to this, many of our devoted followers, supporters and fans are chipping in with pro-bono work, paying it forward and trusting us to remember.

Even some of our suppliers have offered to help by voluntary reducing their fees to help us succeed! (THANK YOU! WE WILL REMEMBER YOUR KIND TOKENS (!) OF SUPPORT).

So, to sum up. We remain confident. We are delivering and will continue to do so. We have been taking risk for a long time and we are fully committed to seeing this work through.

Our marketing efforts over the last couple of weeks is starting to bear fruit. From this, we are now entertaining dialogue with several larger investors who are starting to see the real potential of Friend. With our upcoming news next week, this could have a substantial impact on our ICO progress…

Friend Crowdfunding FAQ

Developer update from Hogne Titlestad

We are moving ever closer to releasing Friend 1.2 Release Candidate 2. A lot of work has gone into improving websocket handling for Friend Network, making it work faster between more users. To achieve better results, we have developed a network testing stack in Python that simulates user accounts. And the benchmarks have been very impressive in normal operation, but less impressive on Friend Network itself. This has mostly been due to quick prototyping work, and the code is now being hardened and improved to give users a great experience.

Friend 1.2rc1

Our commercial activity is picking up — and this has lead to new features and fixes being added to our RC2 sprint. We now have several customer nodes running, connected through the Friend Community network, and sharing Friend Cloud disks through our RemoteFS file system driver. To improve the usability of our file manager, we have added support for folders with thousands of files, drag & drop and file selections for mobile and touch devices.

Friend Core has also seen great development progress, with a new notification stack which will support our native apps for iOS and Android. This stack is also being used for Friend Chat.

Speaking of Friend Chat, progress is being made on the new UX redesign. We are improving the live chat; how you add participants, guest GUI and positioning of avatars in all text messaging windows. We are also improving how we handle workgroups, allowing third party applications to interact with them to make them much more powerful in collaboration scenarios.

Finally, our apps iOS and Android are being improved, with better robustness in handling various user logins from as well as customer servers. Our first white-label set of apps will be available for a customer in the app stores, which will sport customized GUI and login screens.


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