Friend UPdate # 13

It's been a busy couple of weeks for the Friend team, as work continues on RC2 of Friend V1.2, new feature developments and a very fruitful trip to Miami to focus our B2B message even further.

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Development Update  — Hogne Titlestad

Time hasn’t stood still in the development team. Even though we’re still not ready to release RC2 of Friend v1.2, lots of tasks have been completed, and important end-user features have been implemented. As we have entered commercial operation, users are in need of specific functionalities that have been missing in RC1. And, as we are rolling out Friend Platform projects to customers, we are adding those in. Some of these are worth mentioning here:

  • Workflow engine for enforcing business workflows
  • Friend VR Workspace and multitasking VR applications
  • Email application
  • FriendOffice, fully integrated with collaboration features
  • Calendar application
  • Master channels in Friend Chat, allowing activity aggregation and moderation of various conference rooms, including role based permissions for users.

These features will give users of the Friend Platform a full replacement of Google Docs and much more. I’m sure our users will love these features.

On top of what we are doing in the feature department, we are now implementing a change of how we manage the open source project. With our new contributors’ agreement, we are moving our day to day development activities to Github. This will give us more public visibility, as well as a streamlined development effort where we can interact directly with third party developers who are interested in helping us out. At the moment, the Github source repository has seen periodic deposits of new code - which has belied the ultra-hot commit activity on our private development server. This is now changing. Following in the tracks of projects like QT and others, we are now following a strategy we know have worked for others - with the goal of strongly increasing our development team.


Friend founder and chief architect Hogne Titlestad shows us some of his recent trip to Miami to help plan Friend's future, watch some of the trip's highlights here:

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