Weekly Friend UPdate #4 – Week ending 1st April

Weekly Friend UPdate #4 - Week ending 1st April

Message from the CEO - Arne Peder Blix

After a very hectic period of road-showing Friend, with the last days spent in the ancient city of Rome, and now we prepare for a busy two-week push towards our TGE starting 16th of April.  

The market is showing nervousness and bitcoin is definitely calling the shots.  It’s a good thing that our FRND token is locked 1Eth = 20 000 FRND which makes it market-neutral for those already holding Eth. For those needing to exchange fiat to Eth, this is probably also a good time to do so. Our PreSale is open and reaching 35% fill. Soon, we will get that progress-bar up on our new web-pages.  Stay tuned. Also, we look forward to receiving your questions for the upcoming live FriendChat Webinars starring Hogne and me (Friday 6th and Friday 13th, both at 2PM CET). Make sure you take the opportunity to Ask Us Anything!

Developer updates

Not a week goes by without the tech team being busy and bubbling with activity! Not even over Easter. Pawel has been busy with updating our open source repository to version 1.1.1, and Hogne and Chris have released the open source version of Treeroot, our social media server and web application. The open source version is coined SubEther, and is the result of 5 years of development from Friend Studios. It also marks the migration of the ARENA Content Management system source code to our Github repository. More on this will be published in the near future.

Check out all of the source code here: https://github.com/FriendUPCloud

Espen has been working with Artur on the classroom features of Friend Chat, which allows teachers to stream Friend Chat live sessions to students - who can participate using a text based live chat. This feature is of course not only limited to educational use.

Hogne has optimized the SQLDrive DOS driver, preparing it for massive scale by adjusting its storage routines. This also allows for a retargeting of storage per user, which is great for taking advantage of network file systems on the server side and clustering. Also, additional work has gone into Friend Create for developers, and the Friend Workspace has gotten iterative polish for users.

An open source contributor has committed a Finnish translation of Friend! Way to go Xet7 from the Wekan project, one of our partners!


We will hold a new webinar on Friday, the 6th of April at 14:00 CET. Here, Arne and Hogne will continue the discussion with our community members through YouTube. An additional webinar is scheduled Friday, the 13th(!) of April at 14:00 CET. And Tuesday the 9th, at 14:00 CET, Hogne will demonstrate FriendUP development for the technical members of our community. So mark those dates in your calendar!

ICO Update

The Easter holiday came and went, but we have been busy with the ICO every day throughout, posting updates and interacting with our Telegram community 24/7.

The first bounty program has been completed and tokens have been calculated, at the same time as the new bounty program has been running at full speed, our bounty hunters have been spreading our content far and wide on all social media to further share the word about Friend to as many people as possible - thanks for your amazing work so far!

More work is in progress to improve our website to give more clarity for contributors about the problems Friend is solving in the blockchain space and in general for people’s everyday lives and how it works, including how the token will work in this space. We hope this will answer more of the questions many have about what Friend is in relation to our ICO and to blockchain in general, and why the FRND Token is so exciting.


As per our statistics we are overbooked. All you need is to now convert your pledged amount into the contribution by sending your ETH.

The pre-sale is starting to pick up great speed. The market is turbulent, but our ICO is locked to ETH, so in relative terms your contribution with ETH is fine and with Fiat the timing to get in is probably good!

If you want to help out, please send your contributions now. The stronger we are as a community-funded project, the better terms we get vs. the professional capital which we also need to have onboard.

That is why your help and contribution is Important. The minimum contribution is set to only 0.1 ETH. Get the ball rolling and receive your 20% bonus now! Let's make the world more Friendly: https://tge.friendup.cloud/


Special discount for Friend community members at Oslo Blockchain Day - April 24th.

We have partnered with Oslo Blockchain Day happening on April 24th at the rustic, urban DOGA Arena in the center of Oslo!

We are happy to be able to offer you a participant discount of 60% if you use the code FRIEND while registering here:


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