Weekly Friend UPdate #5 – Week ending 20th April

Message from the CEO - Arne Peder Blix

Wow… hectic days in this market turbulence. We are making the adjustments necessary and weathering the storm.  We announced the postponement of our TGE as well as our intention to make some amendments to manage risk. We will utilize this slow-down to prepare, discuss more on token design, governance of the smart contract, discussing better marketing strategies, refining the message, reading up on new and interesting whitepapers.  

We participated at two very interesting events with the Norwegian governmental infrastructure companies www.altinn.no and www.brreg.no  - great enthusiasm about how Friend can help out. Very impressive how far they have matured in their thinking. We look forward to cooperate with them!  Also, we participated at the Oslo Cancer Cluster - presenting our MedTech case with Hove Medical, where we have done sw and hw integration with electronic patient journal and iot -discussing how this could utilise blockchain.  

On Saturday 14th of April, we participated and presented at the www.londoncryptocurrencyshow.com.  A very well organised event with a lot of keen participants. We received great feedback and met a lot of very kind and interesting people with whom we are sure to work. In general, evangelising about the project, meeting with contributors and investors… Not a dull moment.

Developer update from Hogne

What a week! We are close to another release (v1.2 or v1.1.2, depending on our decision making). This is going to be a great update. And FriendUP is almost ready to take FriendSky.cloud into a new phase. This will allow us to offer our users a beta account on our planned global Cloud Service.

As we have mentioned previously, FriendUP + Friend Core is comparable to Chrome OS + Google Cloud - and in the future, we will be able to offer “Friend Books” to customers. But before that, we will offer users an ad backed but free cloud service (with paid for ad free modes and items like extra storage and Windows applications) - to run in their browser. The demo server - as we now call it - will transition to becoming a permanent service with a free sign-up.

In the meantime, we need to complete some other elements in our todo list. But this week, we made some huge milestones:

  • Photopea is now fully integrated in Friend - allowing users to work on Photoshop documents as well as photos and load/save them on their Friend Disk. Drag & drop is also supported in the Friend Workspace
  • Friend Network now has disk sharing (peer-to-peer), and remote access
  • Our WideWeb web browser can access websites published in the Friend Network
  • The Friend Marketplace has gotten a huge facelift - and it now has detailed information and screenshots on display for users
  • Friend Chat got a streaming mode - allowing users to stream live sessions
  • Friend Chat now has got multiple, concurrent live sessions - meaning that you can have many live sessions going on at the same time (great addition to streaming)
  • We fixed several bugs and added many tweaks in the Friend Workspace. For example, our menus are easier to use, and our Friend Shell is more robust.

Technically we also completed our DOS drivers for Bikerstreet - a POC for cross integration technology based on Friend. This means that Bikerstreet now has live synchronization between their old (legacy) product database and their new WordPress based webshop.

By next week, we plan to launch our new FriendSky version - possibly under a new (more commercial) name. See you next week!


Other parts of our Social Media reach are growing daily, we have now:

Twitter: 3,849 Followers

LinkedIn: 374 Followers

Facebook: 1,020 Followers / 3,319 Members

Youtube: 422,464 Views

Steemit: 106 Followers

Reddit: 68 Subscribers

Bitcointalk thread: Read 7015 times

Please continue to spread the word with your social media contacts and friends to get help us reach more people with our revolutionary project.


As per our statistics we are overbooked. All you need is to now convert your pledged amount into the contribution by sending your ETH.

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Thanks to Crypto Coin World who posted this nice ICO Review of Friend.

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