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The versatility of the Friend OS lets us build and support multiple business solutions

Solutions for your specific needs

The majority of the code in any software application comprises the instructions for the specific hardware platform. The Friend OS operates independent of any hardware platform; therefore, it is free of most of that wasted code. The result? We can create new applications and solutions customized to your specific business needs, and we can do it quickly.

Here are but a few of the solutions we’ve built for our customers.

Friend Workspace

The Friend Workspace is the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution where you can distribute access to applications, customize your cloud service and administrate users.

Being a “WordPress of Operating Systems”, it enables us to quickly customize an online experience down to the last detail.

Cloud Migration for Legacy Infrastructure

Business transformation solution which allows firms to digitalize their legacy systems into cloud-based services for a fraction of the cost and time of existing solutions…without the massive implementation headache.

Friend Storage

Every Workspace comes with its own storage. Friend will configure a secure storage solution for your business. Automate reporting and enforce access privileges for user roles and workgroups.

Friend Storage is your file archiving solution, where groups and individuals can share files and work collaboratively.


Friend offers high touch consulting to deliver more custom service, help and support. We work hard to make sure we understand your business requirements, build the correct solution, and accelerate your time to realize value.

The Friend Team consists of developers and business professionals with a long track record of delivering in projects. As evidenced by the Friend OS, it can deliver world class technology solutions without burning Big Tech licenses.

Software development

Take advantate of Friend Software Labs’s technical experience and get your software built the right way. By using the Friend platform as a foundation, your software will reach users on Desktop, iOS and Android in record time.

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