Cloud native apps – better with Friend OS

Cloud native applications

Friend OS is the key platform to let cloud native applications reach their full potential and ensure an optimal return on investment.

Cloud native apps result from an agile approach to building software that allows companies to quickly adapt to today’s fast changing market conditions. The goal with them is to speed up application development to achieve shorter time to markets and better ROIs.

Friend provides a solid and extensive framework to develop applications and let application development focus on core functionality. Our unique Workspace allows applications to easily build on top of each other and create well recognized business value for our customers.

Cloud-native blockchain-backed track and trace solution

Using the cloud-native approach we have developed a suite of applications for our customer Norway in a Box. The suite was so useful that they in fact decided to make a product out of it.

Have a look at our product portfolio to find out more

Friend OS comes with a range of useful applications available.

Hyperconverged, cloud-based or private deployments

Friend allows you to deploy cloud-native apps in any deployment scenario. You can install everything on your own infrastructure. You can use a cloud infrastructure of your choice – both public and private. Or you can choose to run Friend provided as Software as a Service.