What Is Sky Computing and Who Is It For?

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“Sky computing is a new computing model where resources from multiple cloud providers are leveraged to create large scale distributed infrastructures. ” – Definition from the International Journal of Computer Science

Friend OS is the world’s first Sky Computing platform.


Friend is a new way of thinking about computing, but is it right for you?

Friend OS is the world’s first ‘Sky Computing’ platform.  We are all familiar with Cloud Computing, where we store our documents, photos and files on services like Google Drive and Dropbox, but with Sky Computing your entire computer lives in the Internet meaning you can access your applications, storage and your files anywhere you go, on any device.


Friend is a totally new operating system and platform created by an independent team of developers based in Norway with over 130 years of combined experience.  The project began in 2014, and has since matured into a fully featured experience that brings all the features of a traditional operating system like Windows or Mac OS twinned with the convenience and power of an Internet based platform.

The Friend desktop is extremely simple to use, it has everything you are familiar with from using systems like Windows.  You can launch your applications from the menu, access your documents, photos and music from your disk drives, but the entire desktop runs inside a web browser.  This means that Friend delivers the same experience to you on any machine that is Internet connected, without having to download or install anything. It can run on desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, games consoles, smart TVs, basically anything with a web browser.  This means you are not tied into a specific hardware vendor or platform, and you don’t need to spend time reinstalling everything when you upgrade your hardware.

You can mount your preferred storage disks directly on the Friend desktop, including providers like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, or your own NAS or company drives.  When mounted, these disks act as local devices and you can save and transfer files to them, or even directly between them; for example. moving a file from your NAS drive to a client’s Dropbox is as simple as dragging and dropping.

Plus, it can run a mixture of native Friend OS applications, web apps and even your legacy Windows and Linux programs.



Friend OS acts as a shield for your data, but with the convenience of a ‘single sign-on’.  We all hate remembering a bunch of increasingly complex passwords, but Friend OS is essentially a “web site” that delivers, through a secure user name and password, a workspace where you can use your applications, reach your contacts and edit your files.

It uses encryption to make sure your data is safe. And it can be customized to give you the level of security that you need.

Friend is a modular system – and therefore allows a system administrator to implement different security models depending on their requirements.


Friend is a layer on top of underlying infrastructure. If you have a Windows server, it will not be directly exposed to the Internet. The Friend server opens one network port to the user’s Web Browser – and that is the extent to which the Friend server is exposed online. Underlying infrastructure, like storage and a Windows server, only connects to the Friend server – and does not have to be online on the Internet at all.

Additionally, Friend has customizable authentication modules, which allow you to deploy with TFA (Two Factor Authentication) – or ADFS (Active Directory) – keeping your existing Windows user accounts as a login mechanism.


Friend has many use cases, but it is perfect for businesses who want to escape the confines, complexities and high costs of ‘Big Tech’. 

Friend works just as well in an office environment and for remote teams.  User accounts and workspaces are extremely easy and fast to set-up, meaning there is less administrative overheads and security can be controlled by your organisation to suit your needs.

Friend’s connected applications and storage are built from the ground up for easy sharing and collaboration.  If you’ve ever sent a file via WeTransfer or email to your colleagues,  Friend will revolutionise the way you work and save you time.

Friend  changes the way clouds, computers, storage, and smart devices communicate, interact, and interface together. Our solution can simultaneously be deployed on any or all public cloud providers worldwide, and securely access the applications and data repositories that reside on them. Customers can also implement Friend in their own private clouds or host Friend internally behind their corporate firewall.


If you would like a free account on our Friend Sky server, please click here to sign in.

You can also download the Friend OS Hydrogen source code and Docker image by clicking here.

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