Friend empowers the user to take back control over their digital life.

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Productivity and office. File sharing and cloud storage. Video conferencing and online messaging. We have built several innovative cloud solutions you could start using tomorrow.

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Let us bring your project idea to life with our amazing technology and experienced developers. Fast track deployment of effective and affordable bespoke solutions using Friend OS.

Activate your Sky Computer

Power up an online computer with Friend OS. Here, you can work collaboratively in teams and access all of your applications and files directly from your web browser or mobile device.
Your Personal Sky Computer
With the Friend Workspace, you have an always online Sky Computer that you can access on any device.
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Connect and Collaborate Securely
With the Friend Workspace, you own your own data. And you get to choose where your data is stored.
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The Tech Enablers
Let us help you realize your project using the new cloud technology toolkit - the Friend OS.
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Sky computing is a business and consumer-focused computing platform that represents a major advance over current cloud environments (…). It goes beyond hybrid cloud by making computing infrastructure unnoticeable to users. (


Access your contacts, tools, files and apps in one place. With Friend OS, you never need to worry about losing out. As long as you are near a web browser, you can log into your Sky Computer and access everything. And the best thing is, it’s secure and private. Friend doesn’t mine your data or serve you ads.

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Friend gives Price, Technololgy And Innovation Advantages

Reduce costs

Distribute access to multiple applications using the Friend Workspace and connect them all with one user account. Friend simplifies deployment and administration, while offering cost effective tools like Office and Video Conferencing at a low cost.

Merge technologies

Friend allows for consolidated web based workflows – merging together different technologies. Our partner Scala4 developed a migration solution using the Friend Workspace to digitalize a decades-old Cobol technology stack at a fraction of the cost and time. 

Utilize Sky Computers

Sky Computing transcends all of today’s computing paradigms by enabling and establishing a fusion of resources, storage, and applications, from multiple cloud providers, to create large scale distributed infrastructures, that is completely vendor agnostic.


Friend can simultaneously be deployed on any or all public cloud providers worldwide. The Sky Computing Platform then unifies ALL of these distributed deployments into a logical centralized workspace, in a fully decentralized manner, completely and transparently.

While seamlessly exposing and providing access to ANY cloud, ANY application (Windows, Linux, Mac, Legacy, and Cloud), ANY storage, and ANY smart device, all while ensuring complete security, privacy, and protection.


The Friend OS liberates you from the dependency on Big Tech: It gives you control to create, collaborate, store and share information, data and content across all your devices in a secure, private environment and access it anywhere on any device.

Friend is part of the global movement of like-minded individuals, developers and businesses that wants to spur technology freedom by committing to Open Source and turning over the ownership of technology to the users themselves.

Our customers are leading the movement.


We have established a broad network of partners and customers to allow us to combine Friend with other great technologies.

Would you like to join our partnership program? We are actively seeking partners – both business- as well as technology partners. Please send an e-mail to and we will set up a conference call.



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