Friend | The Internet OS

of using the Internet without worrying about a big corporation surveilling you and selling your data. Friend OS gives you this freedom.

Friend lets you choose the software in your business productivity solutions at a fraction of the cost, beyond the surveillance of Big Tech.

Friend Software Corporation is creating the platform that will deliver the promise of the Internet age and unleash the creativity and productivity of every person.

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The Operating System of the Internet

Friend OS, a modular, fully-customizable operating system accessible via any device that can support a modern web browser, or Friend’s Android and iOS apps. Friend OS leverages Internet and blockchain technologies to offer all the features of a commercial operating system – chat, office suite, notes and more – but one that gives you access to a secure and private cloud-based virtual desktop anytime, anywhere, no matter what hardware or software you use.

The Friend OS liberates you from Big Tech: It gives you control to create, collaborate, store and share information, data and content across all your devices in a secure private environment and access it anywhere on any device. And there’s nothing Big Tech can do about it.

Choose Freedom.  Choose Friend.

Freedom is the driving force of our time.  Freedom is the driving force of peace. But freedom is under assault.  

Friend is ready to instigate a global movement among like-minded individuals, developers and businesses to protect freedom by spreading its technology far and wide, turning over the ownership of technology to users themselves.

Our customers are leading the movement.

Eliminate license costs

A small town in Norway is saving hundreds of thousands of NOK by building a customised remote access solution and eliminating the need for expensive Microsoft licenses.

Move the Immovable

Our partner Scala4 developed a migration solution using the Friend OS to digitalize a decades-old Cobol technology stack at a fraction of the cost and time.

Virtual computers

One client delivers a set of HR applications to multiple locations through the Friend Workspace, our virtual computing platform, saving thousands on device provisioning and maintenance.

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Partners and customers

We have established a broad network of partners and customers to allow us to combine Friend with other great technologies.


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