As a company with extensive experience in researching and constructing innovative solutions, Friend Software Labs is proud to have created Friend OS. Established on the scenic West coast of Norway in 2014, our company is dedicated to advancing the Friend OS project, resulting in the development of a sophisticated and cutting-edge cloud solution.

The continuous refinement of Friend OS has been made possible through strategic funding, achieved via investments and collaborative partnerships with companies keen on tailoring Friend OS to their specific use cases. This critical support has propelled Friend OS to its current status as a mature and advanced cloud solution crafted to address the needs of businesses and IT professionals.

Complementing our platform, Friend Software Labs provides specialized consulting services. We excel in seamlessly integrating advanced technologies into clients' toolchains and crafting tailored solutions that align with their distinct requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

Friend OS stands as an exceptional platform for fostering collaboration and facilitating the collaborative development and testing of innovative software solutions. At Friend Software Labs, we leverage Friend to construct AI integrations and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether incorporated within the Friend Workspace or integrated into their websites, web shops, or internal systems, Friend serves as a versatile foundation to kick-start development or safely deploy completed projects.

Our expertise extends to providing personalized integrations with cutting-edge technologies, including Open AI ChatGPT, or open-source alternatives like Llama.cpp or the PrivateGPT stack. The spectrum of end-user solutions encompasses artificial analytics, chat-bots, and virtual sales or support agents, offering a comprehensive suite of AI-driven capabilities.

Comprehensive and Capable Intranets

Functioning as a robust system, Friend OS encompasses a wide array of features essential for an intranet or portal system. From chat and file management to video conferencing, user administration, uploads, downloads, file sharing, file publishing, bookmarks, and customizable workspaces, Friend OS delivers a holistic suite of functionalities. Compatible with both mobile and desktop devices, it eliminates the need for any software installation, ensuring a seamless start.

Our platform serves as an exceptional intranet solution for companies or organizations seeking the features mentioned above. Moreover, it caters to those requiring further customization, be it through the integration of existing web applications in a single sign-on solution, cross-application integrations, client-side feature enhancements, or the development of new API and REST-based integrations.

Friend OS isn't just an impressive intranet or portal solution; it serves as an ideal foundation for crafting a tailored solution for your organization. Whether integrating your tools in a single sign-on solution, enhancing your value chain, or customizing features to align with your unique needs, Friend OS offers a versatile starting point for building a perfect fit for your organization.

Custom Deployment Architecture Design and Consulting

Partner with our team to tailor the implementation of Friend OS according to your preferences and strategic objectives. With a successful history of developing systems for companies in diverse sectors, including Blockchain, Export Industry, Medical, and Municipal administration, our expertise lies in the Friend Operating System. We are committed to bringing your vision to life through thoughtful deployment and customized solutions.


Let's find a way to buld your ideal solution with Friend OS.