Documentation HQ

Welcome to the documentation pages for Friend OS. The platform was designed to cater to users, administrators, and developers alike – and whether you are seeking a seamless and immersive computing experience, looking to manage and customize the Friend OS environment, or eager to dive into the world of development and create innovative solutions, this documentation has you covered.

For Users

In this section, users will discover how to harness the full potential of Friend OS to enhance productivity and collaboration. Learn how to navigate the intuitive user interface, organize workspaces, and utilize communication tools effectively. Explore the array of features designed to simplify file management, personalize desktop environments, and multitask effortlessly across various devices. Discover tips and tricks to optimize your experience and uncover lesser-known features that make Friend OS a user-friendly and powerful platform.

For Administrators

This section is dedicated to administrators seeking to manage and configure Friend OS environments to meet the specific needs of their organization. Gain insights into user and access management, system configurations, and security settings. Learn how to deploy and maintain Friend OS installations efficiently, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance. Harness the power of the modular system to extend and customize functionality according to your organization's requirements. From installation guides to advanced administration techniques, this section equips administrators with the knowledge and tools to maintain a seamless Friend OS environment.

For Developers

Calling all developers and tech enthusiasts! This section delves into the heart of Friend OS's development capabilities. Learn about the robust API-driven architecture and explore the Friend OS SDK, enabling you to craft exciting and innovative applications. Discover the endless possibilities of creating custom modules, integrating external services, and contributing to the open-source community. Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting your coding journey, this section offers comprehensive resources to unleash your creativity and shape the future of Friend OS.