Time, a Norwegian West Coast municipality with 19000 inhabitants, is the first adopter of Friend OS as a Home Office solution. 

Friend Software offers a secure 2FA solution for accessing full digital workflows for hundreds of stay-at-home workers. Covid-19 has produced some hard hitting challenges for teams using software at home. With Friend, Time Municipality is able carry on working on top of their existing IT infrastructure with no compromise on functionality and productivity.

Time is just the first of many that will adopt Friend OS to solve digital challenges this year. After having been in development for over six years, the platform has reached maturity and scalability. This signals the company is on track with commercialization after years of research and development.

Friend OS comprises a full offering that consists of file management, office, mail and calendar as well as real-time collaborative features and functionality like co-working, chat and video conferencing inside of teams and with invitees from outside the teams.

With the addition of a fully functional Remote Desktop Services stack for Windows desktops and Remote Apps, the Friend Workspace – Friend OS’ highly productive multitasking environment running in a browser – no workflow is out of scope for Friend Software’s customers.

“We hope that Friend OS in the public sector will prove that businesses and consumers can stay ahead of their productivity challenges in the era of Home Office and Covid lockdowns and beyond. Friend OS is a strong contender and an alternative to Big Tech solutions that people take for granted. We are on a path to set users free to work remotely with no compromise on security, privacy and efficiancy in their work day.”, Hogne Titlestad, CEO, Friend Software Corp.


If you would like a free demo account on our Friend Sky server, please click here and we will send your login details to you.

You can also download the Friend OS Hydrogen source code and Docker image by clicking here.