Our mission

We believe that everyone should have control of their data and be able to access it from anywhere. The device you access your desktop from shouldn’t dictate what programs you can use and the power available to you.

After having developed Friend as a server and application platform for commercial use for over three years, we are now taking the next logical step. Our original plan intended to take us into decentralized computing. Our mission is to turn Friend into a server node network that uses encryption, decentralized resources and Blockchain technologies. This means that anyone will be able to access their Friend Cloud Computer securely, at any time, wherever they are. It means that people’s computing needs can be serviced independently from any specific hardware or software company.

We believe the Ethereum blockchain will continue to evolve and become the de facto standard for global scalable blockchains. Current limitations are being worked on and the potential inherent in the Ethereum blockchain will continue to materialize with respect to improved computation capacity, lower cost of transactions and faster transaction execution.

We will build on top of and augment the Ethereum blockchain with an expansive cloud computing stack that is free and open to everyone, making it easy to deploy and reach users wherever they are. We aim to make the decentralized web accessible to everyone, and make it easier to integrate with for developers.



The steadily growing market for mobile applications has an expected volume of almost 340 billion USD by 2021. The enterprise integration market has an expected volume of 1 387 billion USD by 2021. With Friend, we help these markets flow into to the new 2 world of Blockchain technologies in a big way, allowing developers reach a wide and growing audience without having to rely on centralized infrastructure to participate.

Friend is open source and has been released on Github. Friend’s serving kernel - the Friend Core - is released under the MIT license to allow for widespread adoption.

Rapid application development

Developers need to create applications that are device agnostic to maximise the number of users they can reach. As an equivalent to .NET for web 3.0, Friend will accelerate the process of making the decentralised web available to everyone everywhere.

Our framework will allow developers to quickly develop applications that take advantage of decentralised technologies, Ethereum and other blockchains. By creating easy to understand APIs and cross integration structures, the power of web 3.0 will be easier to wield and we will see rapid adoption in the form of a large number of great new end-user applications and solutions.

Friend will make it easier to debug, test and collaborate on software projects online – removing the need for expensive infrastructure and prohibitive license agreements. We will provide RESTful APIs for all core functionality of the platform.

To maximise the usefulness of our platform, we will integrate with the best suppliers of various different decentralised technologies such as e-wallets, identification providers, computing power providers and decentralised storage solutions.

Simple global deployment

The Friend Network consists of decentralised kernel nodes, or Friend Cores. These cores process application requests in a grid. This means that applications can be run on the node network, allowing users from all over the world to enjoy fast response times on servers close to them.

Private information can be encrypted when stored and in transit, ensuring security and retainment of digital property for users.

When you deploy to the Friend Network, your application is immediately made available across the world, using decentralised technologies to transport your files and business logic. By using the Friend Store,  developers can monetize without needing a middleman