Our services

The Friend Unifying Platform provides a best of breed framework for developing web applications and making your data and applications available in the cloud.

Ensuring minimum impact on your business processes, we work with your existing software and upgrade your systems to enable more flexibility – better communication and easier access - utilizing the very best in cloud technology which will allow increased productivity at a lower overhead cost.

Friend Software Corp. offers you a range of full-stack development services to make you more efficient, mobile and successful in the cloud.

FriendUP is a revolutionary and disruptive platform that will empower you to take on the challenges of cloud computing and online services with eye opening new tools and opportunities.

What we offer

Mobile office with zero deployment costs

Deploy your applications to users across all their devices with zero deployments costs. All that your users need is a modern web browser.

A flexible framework for the future

The Friend Workspace is a place where web applications can interact and users can multitask across platforms and devices – within the same system and easy to use interface.

Application lifecycle extension

Move your applications to the cloud. Friend allows you to make your data and application cloud accessible in the most secure and cost effective way.

Next generation web development

The Friend Unifying Platforms allows you to increase speed and quality when deploying web applications. Use our extensive framework and focus on your key functionalities.

Move your infrastructure to the cloud

Friend Server helps you to make all relevant data, services and functionality available in a secure way through a responsive workspace. You can even use several Friend Servers to merge them and offer unified access across solutions.

Collaboration and document managment

FriendUP allows you to choose exactly where to store your documents and makes them accessible securely anywhere you are. Use the cloud storage service of your choice and easily manage all your files in Friend.

Cloudification and DaaS

The FriendUP Workspace is a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that allows you to run your windows and web apps side by side. Easily access your applications on any device.

What we bring to the table

  1. Friend Software Corporation has a solid network of IT professionals who are experienced and knowledgable in programming, integration and system architecture.
  2. Friend Software Corporation can offer to develop FriendUP applications for companies who want to move their solutions to the liquid paradigm.
  3. Friend Software Corporation writes intelligent DOS drivers, custom network file systems, for clients.
  4. Friend Software Corporation can port older applications to the FriendUP paradigm.