Day 2 at devcon three

Day 2 at devcon three

For us, the second day at the conference was about collaboration and meeting the representatives of other blockchain based projects. Being a little less crowded than the first day, there were more opportunities to actually talk to the staff sitting at their booths.

We are getting quite connected with other blockchain projects as well as individual developers and entrepeneurs in this emerging industry. It is a very positive experience as they are all interested in working together to amplify each others’ projects.

Friend is the part of the “world computer” that looks like the computer you use. Disks, devices, icons, buttons and windows. But behind all of these structures, other blockchain technologies fit like hand in glove, making it a very interesting arena for collaboration and participation across projects.

The Friend Workspace, an arena for blockchain technologies

It is clear that blockchain technologies, cryptography and decentralized systems will replace IT infrastructure as we know it. I get the feeling that a new market is being built alongside the old one, and customers are walking by, looking curiously at the new solutions. Companies are watching the marketplace being built while they are occupying their current shops and offices. One day, the old market will just close, because the new one will have made it obsolete. It seems to me that everyone should make sure that the anticipated change will occur only after they have become prepared. So we all better prepare.

New companies and DAOs are forming to do everything from offering infrastructure and IT solutions to setting up funding pathways for charity and grass roots redistribution of wealth. It seems that blockchain technology is a great equalizer, allowing anyone the opportunity to introduce products and services on a global scale without having to bear the “old world” costs of servers, bandwidth and license fees. Startups are enticed to innovate and contribute in this new crypto economy – and the world will rapidly change as a result.

At the Giveth stand, talking about their token

We went by several booths to talk to staff. One project was called Giveth. They have a token channeling funding directly from donors and philanthropists to non-profits working on everything from technology to humanitarian aide. They are very passionate, and think that their work may disrupt the current corporate structures that manage volunteer work and that slows down access to funding by maintaining gargantuan bureaucratic administrations.

It is yet again a vision of access, simplification and automation that is exemplified in so many projects. There are innovations that are sincerely missed in current solutions.

Another project was iExec. They want to enable crypto currency miners access to hardware resources in the cloud. They are building decentralized cloud infrastructure related to this – reinventing cloud infrastructure, according to one of their slogans.

Thomas and Paul networking between lectures.

The Swarm project, one of the main sponsors of the conference, creates a decentralized cloud storage solution – they call it “decentralized DropBox”. They can imagine hosting the source code of projects like Ethereum itself – throwing the gauntlet at companies like GitHub, arguably one of the largest source code repository providers in the world.

While Swarm was having their talk on stage, it became apparently clear that a new business world is emerging. And here, the existing companies that do not change just can not compete. In this world, money flows directly between providers and consumers. Here, pluralism and egalitarianism are built into the system. It is hard to remain unaffected by such a vision. Even if it sounds too good to be true. Because it is an idea for which its time is right.