Day 3 at Devcon 3

Day 3 at Devcon3

It would seem that visitors who were less interested in lectures and programming insight, shared by the Ethereum developers directly, were elsewhere today. The huge, main conference room on the top floor was still graciously populated, but the rest of the building seemed a little bit abandoned. But perhaps for good reasons.

A conference such as Devcon is not singularly, and without exception, for the developers. It is for business developers and managers too. As a place to form new partnerships and collaborations through meeting new people and sharing connections. This day was probably one of those days.

The lower floors of the conference were a bit empty

Devcon3 has had a string of spin-off events in Cancún this year. Friend was present at some. Indeed, this afternoon, we attended the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance networking event that was less aimed at developers and more at business types. And it has got to be recognized that this space is driven not only by developers. Business types build successful companies. And managers build successful projects. And developers can not always wear three hats.

Prior to spending our evening outside the conference, we had some great meetings of our own. We have formed a partnership with other blockchain technology companies – we will announce who and for what at a later time. But it allows us to accelerate our work on decentralizing Friend, and it gives us powerful new technology to use in our operating environment.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Ethereum community – as in fact the blockchain community as a whole – is all about collaboration. This is part of the reason for the rapid momentum that in many ways outshines the rest of the tech industry. The sense of competition that can be found within the community is fruitful. Competitors often collaborate and solve problems together. Because they are working on autonomous infrastructure technologies that will have a life of their own. They are working on next-gen open source projects that live and breathe because of ideas shared.

Fantastic shared insight and deep diving lectures

Ethereum is much more than a simple blockchain technology – it is spawning a new industry with unique values and with a positive outlook on life in the future. Its community members show the world that problems can be solved. And that technology can take society much further than we ever thought possible – into a future where the baseline of society can be lifted through autonomous services.

The Ethereum community is filled with logical minds. There is activism, but perhaps not so much politics. In any case, not politics you have been used to hearing about. This is a community driven by engineers. Be it for good or worse. And for engineers, rules are there to be broken or bent. And this is why this area of technological innovation is so groundbreaking and disruptive.

Ethereum managed to turn alight a world wide movement of engineering intellect to decentralize access to resources. In many ways to bypass slow socio-economic processes that would seek to centralize for control. And I think to achieve sustainability, we need decentralization – we need to mimic nature. And for that, we also need automation.

The blockchain industry has just started. And we see companies and DAOs forming to build all kinds of technologies to automate and decentralize infrastructure. Aside from being an idealistic movement, Ethereum and desentralized technology is arguably just what the world needs to transition into the next industrial age.

Devcon3 has been thought provoking. It has been a long time since another industry has generated so much optimism and intellectual discourse. But it is also a time where this technology is becoming increasingly advanced – some of it is getting into misty realms on par with quantum physics and nuclear science. This means that the technology itself is becoming less accessible. So we have to stay awake and continue talking. This is an opportunity to learn while the science is being born.

I think I’ll leave it at that. Suffice to say, this trip to Cancún, Mexico has been more than rewarding for Friend. And we still have one day to go – another day of wonder. Let’s see if we can absorb some more. Ad astra!