Core applications

FriendUP core applications

We have created a selection of smaller applications that enable users to adapt the system to their needs. These applications may be considered demonstrations of the many possibilities found in the platform.

Among the core applications we have:

  • Account
    One stop place to organize your user account. Allows you to update your personal information. Add more storage space. Manage your keys. Will reflect what is in your user account block. 
  • Users
    If you are a system administrator, this is where you will be editing your users. Each Friend user may become an administrator by setting up his or her own node. If administrating a Network or an Access node, the functionality has slightly different effects
  • Server
    This is where an administrator manages his node. Here, applications in the software repository may be validated. Various customized settings can be altered. 
  • Friend Shell
    The Friend Shell allows an advanced user to navigate and interact with his or her Friend environment using precision commands and arguments. It also allows for remote control using secure encryption keys.
  • Language
    Here, the user can customize his or her language settings throughout the system. Also allows a user to modify speech settings. 
  • Wallpaper
    Customizing the look and feel of the Friend environment is an important part of a user’s experience. Wallpaper allows a user to set different images and videos as backdrops on the Friend Workspace. 
  • Calculator
    Simple calculator with basic functionality.
  • Calendar
    The calendar allows a user to integrate with various calendar servers, like iCal, Microsoft Exchange and others, through a modular extension system. This calendar will be extended to allow decentralized calendar systems to integrate with the Workspace. 
  • Disk Catalog
    The Disk Catalog allows a Friend user to connect to various servers using different DOS drivers. This way, storage space and a multitude of applications can be used to expand the Friend experience. 
  • Software
    The software catalog in Friend. Shows items available for installation and items that are installed using an alphabetical and categorized overview. 
  • Looknfeel
    This is where the Friend themes can be changed. Friend themes can completely change how the user interface looks. Everything from wallpapers to icons to window gadgets can be affected here. 
  • Whiteboard
    An early proof-of-concept version of our fully featured multi-user whiteboarding application. 
  • Friend Chat
    Fully functional text and video chat application that has WebRTC based video chat functionality and supports different account types. Allows the creation of virtual rooms where users can join both text and video sessions.