Friend features for developers

Friend features

Friend offers a great framework for developers. It allows you to develop apps that can run on any device - tightly integrating with the Friend Cloud.

Here are some of the main features in our framework that you may consider using in your applications:

  • Powerful networking API using the Friend Network. Enjoy peer-to-peer communication directly between users. Use the Friend server node network to access processing power and reduce latency.
  • Device agnostic GUI. Use HTML templates and Window Management with extensive themeability.
  • File system API. Read and write to files using any of our supported file system drivers.
  • Game engine. Use our object oriented classes to make entertaining games.
  • Our virtual file system API, Dormant. Make use of DOS scripting and batch processing. Enable sharing of application functions over the network by turning your app into a virtual disk.
  • Use our easy to use localization API to translate your application to the language spoken by your users.
  • Use our OOP framework to take advantage of multiple inheritance in your JavaScript classes.
  • Easily implement support for text to speech for users who are visually impaired.
  • Integrate with Friend by using our file dialogs. This way, users will be able to save and load their work on their cloud storage disks.
  • Use our API to handle drag & drop between your app and the Friend Workspace.
  • Integrate with the Friend mime-type subsystem to allow opening your app when double clicking on supported file formats.
  • Use Friend's menu system to support pull-down menus for your applications.
  • Create widgets for the Friend Workspace to extend your user's experience and allow them access to subsets of your functionality without having to launch your entire application.
  • Take advantage of user levels and workgroups to amplify your collaboration features.
  • Use system notifications to alert your user about important events in your application.

Other advantages for developers choosing Friend:

  • Access an Integrated Development Environment in the cloud.
  • Read the complete and always up-to-date Friend Developers' Manual online.
  • Chat with other developers using Friend Chat – it supports multiple chat protocols. Even Slack!
  • Instantly share your application with everyone on the internet.
  • Make use of our multi-tasking desktop environment. Create groupware and applications that communicate and amplify each other by combining functionality.
  • Friend Workspace can host your entire development workflow, and offers your users a complete environment for work and play.

The main components of the Friend Unifying Platform