Who is Friend OS for?

Friend OS has gained significant traction among organizations of all sizes, establishing itself as a compelling solution. This innovative platform offers an alternative to traditional mainframes and Windows servers. By leveraging web-based technologies, Friend OS eliminates the need for expensive proprietary systems, leading to substantial cost savings for businesses.

One of the standout features of Friend OS is its seamless integration with Windows servers and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). This powerful combination empowers administrators to design personalized remote desktop experiences, granting users newfound freedom and flexibility in their digital workspaces. No longer bound by rigid desktop solutions, administrators can tailor the environment to suit the unique needs and preferences of their users.

In addition to these benefits, Friend OS also provides administrators with a cost-effective pathway to embrace Linux. By adopting Linux, organizations can further optimize their resources and enhance operational efficiency.

As technology continues to shape the modern business landscape, Friend OS emerges as a promising solution, offering organizations a cutting-edge platform that drives productivity and cost-efficiency.

Case studies

Jeanie App

Friend Software Labs launched Jeanie App in April, 2022. It was a test to see if a Friend OS based solution could scale, and run with automatic user sign-ups and payments completed with Stripe. The test was a technological success, and Jeanie App is still operating with new users every day.

Friend Sky

Friend Software Labs' public beta environment Friend Sky ran Friend OS accounts for a few years up until December 2022. It had a few thousand users, with a dozen sign-ups per day. This service proved that Friend OS could support a large network of users over time, and gave the development team great insights into how to scale the Friend server.

A municipality

During the pandemic, Friend OS was a drop-in replacement for VPN access to Remote Desktop Services and Active Directory for a municipality in Norway. Sporting 2FA authentication, the solution operated for several months while municipal staff were put in home office containment.

Small business

A couple of small businesses deployed Friend OS for users over the years. Friend was actively used for Remote Desktop Services together with Windows and Active Directory in several use cases, from Health to Oil and Gas. Additionally, the platform was deployed for Recruitment using bespoke software created entirely for Friend OS.

Jeanie.App - a Slack interface for Friend OS. Using a Meta Operating System can be as easy as using a chat app.

Friend Sky - Cloud computers for everyone. Friend Sky had several thousand users, but the service was terminated. A new cloud service similar to this is in development and is estimated to be released by the end of Q3 2023.