Introducing Friend Chat – Video Conferencing For Live Streaming, Business and More

Vegan and raw food inspired brand Olenko’s Kitchen is using our Friend Chat conferencing software for their live video streams.

After trying many alternatives, New York based cinematographer Bill Winters and author Aleksandra Winters found that Friend Chat fit their needs perfectly.

Aleksandra hosts regular live cookery shows and demonstrations, featuring interviews with non-technical food experts from all around the world. Bill has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Nike and many more, and they both agree that Friend Chat is the perfect product for their live video work.

See how their brand Olenko’s Kitchen uses Friend Chat in the video below:

To see a full Olenko’s Kitchen stream, see below:

Friend Chat is our powerful integrated text and video communication tool. It allows TLS protected conversations, screen sharing, IRC access, virtually unlimited users, application and game sharing.

The best Skype alternative?

Friend Chat is extremely easy to use, requiring no software installation. Just log-in to your Friend account, share a public link with anyone else and they will automatically join your video or audio call in just one click.

Lots of people on the same video call

Friend Chat offers a virtually unlimited amount of people to join the same video call! Whereas some other services are limited (some to just one other person) you can add as many people as you can fit on the screen to a video or audio call in Friend Chat.

Free video conferencing

Friend Chat is perfect for conferences, recording interviews and video calls with lots of people.

We use it every week for our Youtube channel and podcast service.

An easy way to record Youtube videos

Very soon our Friend Cloud Studio will allow an easy way for you to record interviews and easily share them on popular video services such as Youtube without the hassle of capturing screens and audio yourself.

Free screen sharing

Friend Chat has many useful features built-in, such as the ability to share your screen with other users at the click of a button. It even works with multi-monitor setups.

Access to multiple protocols

Access your Slack channels directly in Friend Chat. Use IRC to enter channels in a range of networks across the world. Use Treeroot, an emerging social networking platform. Access chatrooms using public or private workgroups using peer-to-peer networking in Presence.

Privacy and encryption

Friend Chat offers peer-to-peer instant messaging and video conferencing functionality. Additionally, it offers powerful client side encryption that keeps your conversations private and safe.

Find out more about Friend Chat in Friend UPdate with Dan Wood and Adam Spring:

How to access Friend Chat free video software

You can access Friend Chat on our demo server right now by signing up to an account, and get started today:

Or download the source code and host your own server:

What is FriendUP?

Friend is a system that gives you a powerful virtual cloud computer in a browser tab. It is a Unifying Platform that works across operating systems and devices. It enables developers to build rich applications that make use of cloud storage and other internet based resources. While offering a simple way for developers to distribute their applications in the cloud, it allows users to access these applications anywhere they go, using any device that has a web browser.

With Friend, you can now build advanced solutions in the cloud as if the internet itself was a computer.

FriendUP website: