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The Friend OS is a powerful foundation on which to build or integrate apps. This has allowed us to create a range of applications that are entirely unique to Friend, and it has allowed us to improve some incredible third party software packages with Friend technologies.

Here are some of the most popular apps that you can use in your Friend Workspace.

Friend Chat

A complete collaboration, chat and video conferencing application, leveraging WebRTC based peer-to-peer operation using encryption. Allows you to form conference rooms mirroring your own organizational structure and invite partners and customers into your workflow.

Friend Office

A complete productivity package with word processing, presentations and spreadsheets. Supports collaborative editing, print integration and comes with powerful plugins like image processing and spell checking in multiple languages.

Friend Notes

Write meeting reports and todo lists in this simple and intuitive text editor. Collect your notes in categories and share notes across workgroups. Supports rich text editing with images and social media integration.

Friend Code

Friend’s own Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Write Friend applications, edit webpages and server modules. Supports multiple languages in a tab-interface, with syntax highlighting, identation, color schemes and much more. Allows a developer to build Friend packages for easy distribution and deployment on Friend servers.

Friend Mail

An alternative e-mail client that supports multiple e-mail accounts. Integrates with Friend file systems, allowing you to work in the cloud, hassle free, without needing to upload or download any attachments to your local device.

Friend Liberator

Integrates your Windows, Mac, Linux and terminal applications with the Friend Workspace. Handles authentication, group membership, printing and clipboard data. Delivers applications both to desktops as well as mobile devices using a touch sensitive soft-keyboard.

Friend Community

Friend’s alternative to Facebook for businesses and organizations. Build your own data repository at the same time as you increase your organization’s ability to collaborate in teams, across groups. Friend Community comes with a rich feature set, including calendar management, media libraries and social media features.

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