Friend Office, the office suite that lets you decide where to store your documents

The office suite that lets you decide where to store your documents

Friend provides you with a fully MS-office compatible productivity suite that gives you complete freedom to choose where your data is processed and where it is stored. Our Document, Presentation and Spreadsheet apps run on any device while letting you choose where you want to store your documents.

Friend comes with a flexible suite of file systems that lets you store data both on-premise and using your preferred storage provider. Easy user and storage administration make your everyday life easier while keeping your documents safely under your control.

GDPR compliance as part of the feature stack

The architecture of the Friend platform lets us design your software solution to be compliant with any security and privacy requirements. Flexible installation and connectivity options let us build solutions that are both cost efficient and adhering to both current and upcoming regulations.

The most secure way to create, edit and collaborate on business documents online

We give you full control over where your documents are processed and stored. This will give you the peace of mind you’ve sourly lacked when using commonplace BigTech solutions. At the same time, we do not datamine or store your personal information.

The Friend Office suite offers a unique approach to printing, letting you decide whether documents ought to be printed via a centralized enterprise solution or via the users’ own personal printers.

Collaborative editing on all your business documents

You can co-edit any docx, xlsx or pptx file in Friend Office. A comprehensive suite of features allows you to track changes, see who is currently editing and see what has changed since the document was last saved. Have any questions to the other co-authors? Add or reply to a comment right inside of the document user interface.

A truly cloud native productivity suite

The Friend Office solution makes full use of the unique features of the Friend Platform. This gives you full control over who has access, easy user administration, single sign on to all your web applications and a simple and flexible access control mechanism.