There's so much to learn!

As an OS platform, there's something to learn for anyone. If you're a developer, administrator or user, you will be interested in different things, and we've got you covered.


NB: This video shows off Only Office for Friend OS. If you want to test this, this app is not yet running on Friend Sky.


Head over to Github, and check out page for developers. Another tip is to use this Wiki:


After downloading the developer's manual, check out these simple tutorials to get you started:

Developer tutorial 1:

Developer tutorial 2

Head over to Github, and check out page for developers

Creating Friend applications

If you want to learn more about building applications for Friend OS, please check out this repository for existing applications in various states of development. Here, you can learn by tinkering, or by reading code and testing on your own server.

Friend OS needs more applications, so if you feel that you can help out, don't hesitate to sign up to our Discord server and get involved. Link to Discord is found in the footer on the bottom of this page, and at the top of this page!