Integrating 3rd-party apps

When configuring your Friend Server, you'll frequently find the need to incorporate third-party applications into your environment. In the context of Friend OS, these applications typically take the form of web apps, and many of them come with their own server back-ends.

When managing your own servers, incorporating these apps becomes straightforward. You can seamlessly integrate them by creating a basic Friend OS app that utilizes iframes. The complexity of the app you build largely depends on your integration needs. It can range from a straightforward setup to more sophisticated solutions, including the development of a custom API for client-side integration. This might involve techniques like using postMessage to enhance the app's functionality, possibly incorporating plugins or injected scripts on the integrated app's side for a seamless user experience.

For a very simple example of a Friend app that iframes a web site, look at the following example in the friend-applications repository:

The "IframedApp" comes with a apf project file, such that you can open the project in Friend Create.