Using apps

When it comes to using apps in Friend OS, you've got plenty of flexibility to suit your own style. Whether you want to blend a Friend app with a Windows or Mac app, or maybe you're into the whole multi-screen thing, Friend OS has your back. It's all about making your experience just right, so feel free to mix and match as you please!

When you run an app in Friend OS, it typically opens in its own window, and here's where the fun begins. If you're using your Friend Workspace in Mac mode, you'll find your window gadgets on the left side. But if you're in Windows mode, they'll be on the right. Now, in addition to the usual gadgets like close and minimize, on the opposite side of the window, there's the "pop" gadget. This little guy lets you pop the window up into a new one, liberating the app from the confines of your web browser. So, go ahead and pop it like it's hot!

Once you've popped the window, here's a nifty trick: you can bookmark it in your browser. This way, you can easily return to the app without going through the whole Workspace desktop interface. It's a real time-saver! Plus, you can take it up a notch by adding a shortcut to the app on your PC. For instance, in Chrome, there's a handy "Create shortcut" option that lets you put a webpage right on your Windows or Mac dock or desktop. What's cool is that the Friend OS app icon for that specific app becomes your launcher icon too. Now that's some next-level convenience!

If you want the whole shebang of Friend OS installed as an app, you're in luck because Friend OS supports Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality. Just open your browser and keep an eye out for a menu item that reads "Install Friend Sky." This is how you can get Friend OS right on your device, and it works like a charm, especially on Friend Sky. Enjoy the convenience of having Friend OS as a dedicated app!